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 Sr. No. Name Publisher Comments
 1 Khel Do Jivancha
 2 Mage Valun Pahu Nakos
 3 Mhane Khun Me Kela!
 4 Khar Mhana Va Khot
 5 Sata Samundrapar
 6 Shapit
 7 Vinasha Kadun Vinashakade
 8 Chutakicha Natak
 9 Ganesh Girnicha Dhaekala
 10 Bhankas
 11 Nagri Andhera
 12 Mazya Baykocha Mulga
 13 Andhar Maza Sobati
 14 Raja,Eshkachi Ratra Aahe(Loknatya)
 15 Naru Aani Janhavi
 16 Ti...Tich Ti
 17 Superhit No.1
 18 Aamhala Vegal Vhaychay!
 19 Pach Pandavancha Bap
 20 Sahebjee,Darling!
 21 Etha Havay Kunala Prem?
 22 Vyakti Aani Valli
 23 Asa Me Aani Me
 24 Ashi Bayko Havi!
 25 Udgar
 26 Yakshnandan
 27 Aatpatnagarchi Rajkanya
 28 Sardar Phakadojee Vakade
 29 Alibabache Khechar Aani Ekonchalisawa Chor
 30 Alala Ghur Ghurrrrrr
 31 Dhag Dhagojee Pani Pratap
 32 Makada,Makada,Hup!
 33 Don Bachhe Don Luchhe

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