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 Kaam Fate
 Prof. Loknath Sangekar alias Loka Sange is a proprietor of KAAM  PHATTE International Co. that undertakes to solve any problem  whatsoever for its clients. The foremost among the customers is his  young friend Sadu Tekade, hopelessly in love with Sonali, a  pampered daughter of Apparao Wadkar. Apparao, a harebrained  middle-ager,constantly nagged by Chandrika bai- his second wife  and a socialite, is instructed by Loka to raise money In order to win  respect from his wife,by temporarily duplicating the family jewels-a  precious necklace. since Sonall is entitled to the necklace as her  wedding present, Loka advises her against marrying in haste and  carrying on the love affair-an advice quite contrary to Saduís  dreams!

 However, Loka rectifies the mistake by encouraging & helping the  lovebirds, only to find that Chandrikabai is totally against their  marriage.

 Sub.Inspector Dhond takes tuitions from Loka, in Poetry. He suspects  Gaja, Sadu's man-servant to be an ex-convict. A terrified Gaja runs  away From Saduís place & accidentally meets Mala, a pick-pocket  girl.

 In the meantime, Loka, averse though he is to the idea of marriage,  cannot help falling in love with Brahmakumari-a spiritual guide to  Chandrikabai. The fake spiritualist, while on the verge of being  arrested by the Police Inspector, is rescued by Loka who wins her  heart in the bargain. She uses her divine force to make Chandrikabai  agree to Sonaliís marriage with Sadu.

 Apparo is terrified at the prospect of Sonaliís discovering the  necklace fraud. Two days before the wedding, Sadu receives a letter  from Shali Bhuge, his childhood bride-to-be, that she would see him  at the wedding!

 ?Is she able to stop the wedding?

 ?Does Apparao manage to replace the necklace?

 ?Will the Police Inspecter ever learn to write Poetry?

 ?Will Mala give up her skill to steal?

 You will find all the answers in this rocking and rolling comedy with  the finest of performances from the writer, director, actor &  technicians. Just switch on Bombay DD Chanel 1 on every Tuesday,  prime time, from Feb 9, 1993 !

 Berij Vajabaki
 'Life is a perpetual addition and subtraction, where one struggles to  subtract sorrow and add pleasure, comments the title song of the  Marathi TV serial BERIJ VAJABAKI, thus pointing out the place of  compromise in life.

 BERIJ VAJABAKI is an attempt to show how serving middle class  youths in a city live and love. It is different from most love stories in  the sense that the lovers not only face all kinds of unsurmountable  difficulties from social to financial, but also create some of their  own.There is no pretence to create larger than life characters who  will never succumb to the circumstances. Instead, the tovers, unable  to solve their problems, are compelled to forget their love and marry  different partners. Like most of us they try to come to terms with life  and compromise at every juncture. Not only their love, but their  aspirations, dreams, and their struggle to survive form the contents  of this serial.

 Like life itself, the serial is neither a comedy nor a tragedy and is  realistic in treatment.It is written and directed by RATNAKAR  MATKARI, a theatre person and a renowned playwright-director on  the Marathi stage for the past 30 years. The screenplay is based on  his original play Prem Kahani, winner of the State Literary Award  (1972).

 Enacted by versatile stars like Dilip Prabhavalkar, Savita Prabhune,  Chandrakant Gokhale & Vikram Gokhale with the young & upcoming  pair SunilTawde & Supriya Matkari & photographed beautifully by  ace cameraman Rajan Kothari & Debu Deodhar with technical aid  from Rajan Waghdhare (editing) & Pradip Deshpande (Sound), the  serial is expected to be a grand entertainer of the year.

 Based on Ratnakar Matkari's play 'Ashwamedh'written,Directed by  Matkari. Starring Ravindra Mankani and Vandana Gupte.(telecasted  on DD and Z Marathi)

 Gaihire Pani
 Written,directed and produced by Ratnakar Matkari. Based on his  Strange Stories(telecasted on Alfa Marathi)

 Sharadacha Chandana  
 Humse Seekho  Hindi Serial for Children written by Ratnakar Matkari.
 Todwala & Mee-Takleli Bai  Two short films written directed and produced by Ratnakar Matkari.

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