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During the last forty years, I have seen some of the dramas written by Matkari and I am surprised to see that, he has been able to maintain the same freshness in his writing as well as creativity during all those years.He has not selected the "stage as his profession" . But he has taken a vow to publicize the drama. The status he has achieved in writing,direction as well as production, imply his innate skills and the everlasting loyalty towards stage.
- P.L.Deshpande
Born in Mumbai on 17th November 1938.
Article first published on 16th February 1955 for All India Radio,Mumbai centre- 'Vedi manase' ?one act play.
Graduate in Economics from Mumbai University (1958)
Working with Bank of India till 1978.
Since then, fully devoted to writing, direction and production.
Published books 89 (+ 9 recompiled books).
In addition, literature in the form of around 40 unpublished books, comprising dramas, child-plays, one-act plays, articles on various subjects etc.
Published literature: 33 dramas ( 3 in Hindi and one translated in Gujarati), 8 collective books of one-act plays, 18 books of stories (+ 8 recompiled), 3 novels, 7 collective books of creative literature (+ 1 recompiled), 14 child-plays, 3 child-play collections, 1 book of children-songs.
Participation of various one-act plays in All India Radio programs and other competitions. 1st presentation of play 'Pahuni' in 1956,at Elphinston College gathering .
1st article 'Sahaj' in 'Sobat' magazine in 1973, 'Rangat' in Maharashtra times, and serial 'Soneri savalya' in 'Apale mahanagar' for continuously 4 years.
One of the founders of children-stage. Establishment of 'Bal natya sanstha' in 1962 and production of 22 children dramas.
Establishment of parallel-drama institute named 'Sootradhaar' in 1970. Production of 12 full-fledged dramas.
Carried out 'one-act play-project' for a full year ?production of 12 self-written one-act plays.
Establishment of a professional drama-school named 'Mahadwar' in 1970. Production of 2 professional dramas-Out of these, 1st presentation and the following 12 plays of the drama 'Sate-lote' performed for Maharashtra Foundation in the various cities of U.S.A., and 2 performances in Maskat.

Production of 1 documentary and 2 serials.
Direction : 35 dramas, 14 one-act plays, 2 documentaries and 4 serials.
Awards : 21 awards for literature from the State Govt. and others. In addition,
Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the script-writing of the film 'Maze ghar- maza sansar' in 1986.
Jyotsna Bhole Award of Akhil Bharatiya Natya Parishad in 1978 for his devoted work for Children-stage.
'Natya-darpan' Nana Oak Award for being an all-round artist.
Deval Award in 1985 from Akhil Bharatiya Natya Parishad ,sponsored by Gogate.
The best drama-writer Award from Atre Foundation in 1985.
Maharashtra State Govt.'s Gadkari Award for being the top-most drama writer in 1995.
Gangadhar Gadgil Award in 1997.
S.L.Gadre Matoshri Award 1998.
'Natyavrati' Award 1999.
V.V.Shirwadkar Award for drama-writing in 2002.
Sangeet Natak Academy Award 2003-04.
2 years scholarship (1983-84) for being a senior state artist with social awareness, from The Director of Culture and Education, New Delhi, Govt. of India.

Other: Selected as the 'Justice of Peace' in 1972.
Member of the advisory committee of All India Radio for some period and a member of the Film scrutinizing committee for 3 years(1988-91).
President of the 'Nirbhay bano' movement in 1995.
Vice-president of Sane Guruji Smarak Samiti since 1998.
Comperer of the very popular monthly show 'Gajara', of Mumbai Doordarshan for 2 years 1976-78 ( 25 programmes).
13 episodes of 'Sharadache chandane' the interviews of the writers-on Mumbai Doordarshan

Story ?show: The live experience of the story with the use of full stage, movements and voice ( around 50 shows ? with the successful performance in Maskat and U.S.A. in 1986)
Reading of the essay 'Tumhi tithe asayala have', a Marathi translation of Arundhati Roy's essay 'Greater common good', for many institutions (51 shows ?1999).
Reading of 'Sangati' alongwith Pratibha Matkari ?performance in Goa, Maharashtra, U.S.A. and Muscat.
Speeches as the President of 'Konkan Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Mumbai br.(2001), and 'Balkumar Sahitya Sammelan,Pune (2001).
Speeches in number of other programs and open interviews.
Interviews on Mumbai, Indoor, Goa centres of All India Radio and on television centres at Mumbai, Goa, Muscat, Chicago etc.
Performed as an actor in most of the children-dramas of 'Balanatya sanstha', one-act plays like 'Sangati', 'Sharvari', 'Chitratale ghar', 'Tumchi goshta' etc, one-man show ?Adbhutachya rajyat', and various dramas such as 'Prem kahani', 'Vinashakadun vinashakade', 'Lokakatha 78', 'Sate-lote'.
Drawings for stage-crafts and drapery, and oil-paintings for the front pages of various books and 'Narmada aandolan'.
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